Seafood from
Scotland's crisp,
clean waters

High quality, world class seafood


kilometres of nutrient rich coastline


% of coastal water with high quality status


varieties of seafood species


tonnes of fish landed each year

From sea to plate, we are passionate about delivering the highest quality product, responsibly caught and carefully handled.


Health & Wellness



Europe's longest coastline

In Scotland’s crisp, clean waters you will find some of the world’s finest seafood. 

It's 12,000km of coastline provides a valuable, high-quality resource that has been harvested by Scottish fishermen for generations. This unique setting creates the perfect climate to grow some of the world’s finest seafood.


Sustainably sourced seafood

Scotland is an acknowledged global pioneer in sustainable fishing methods, holding more MSC accreditations than most other EU countries.

All Scottish fishing vessels are licensed based on their size, where they fish and what they catch.

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